3 comments on “STATE BACK FLIPS ON FMG CONDITIONS | Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation

  1. The Yindjibarndi campaigns and struggles will be raised at Aboriginal Tent Embassy on January 26 when thousands coalesce – hundreds if not thousands will remain throughout 2012 on the lawns of Parliament reminiscent of 1972 as they civilly stare down Parliament in a coalescing of social justice issues which have languished for too long – this gathering of peoples from far and wides promises the heralding of change greater than any since 1972.

    Read more at http://www.nit.com.au/opinion/387-aboriginal-tent-embassy-canberra-january-26th-we-will-not-leave-till-the-justice-at-long-last-is-done.html

    and at http://www.indymedia.org.au/2011/12/11/aboriginal-tent-embassy-%E2%80%93-canberra-january-26-2012-%E2%80%93-%E2%80%9Cwe-will-not-leave-till-justice-at-l

    Kindly, Gerry Georgatos

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